Literacy Initiative

Why is STARS starting a Literacy Program?
Current research shows that making reading fun is one of the keys to helping kids learn and advance in reading. Kids on the Block is excited to offer schools a six-week literacy program focusing on that very idea of fun!

About the Program
Kids on the Block has been in the education business for more than 30 years. This new literacy program targets those students in Tier 2, the 10-15% of students who are a grade level behind, and works with them to help increase reading scores through an assortment of activities. The six-week program starts with an educational puppetry presentation for the entire group of students. The presentation includes messages of choice when reading as well as the social and emotional aspects of the difficulties of being a reader that’s behind. The students work in small groups of no more than six and will even pair up to read with each other. Each reader will be given two books chosen for them and a third book of their choosing. Using puppets, educators, hardworking kids and a lot of compassion and enthusiasm, Kids on the Block is working to help students in Middle Tennessee to have bigger and brighter futures!