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Teasing & Name-Calling (25 minutes)
Developed for our youngest audiences, this presentation promotes caring and respect by showing that words can really hurt despite what children may have heard in the saying, “Sticks and stones …” It discourages teasing and name calling that can lead to future bullying, while encouraging kindness.

First Grade
Problem Solving & Self-Control (25 minutes)
By giving the audience a chance to help the Kids on the Block characters find a solution, the children are empowered with more than one way to solve a problem. It teaches the importance of sharing and also a simple technique to gain self-control so they can stay calm and make smart decisions.

Second Grade
Awareness of Differences (45 minutes)
This program promotes respect, understanding and acceptance of all individuals regardless of their differences that may lead to exclusion and harassment. By allowing open conversation about diversity, this presentation helps build cultural awareness and breaks down barriers — showing students that we are all different in some ways, but we are all the same on the inside.

Third Grade
Child Abuse Prevention (recommended for one hour)
A personal safety program educating students to identify child abuse and neglect, empower them to say “No!” and encourage them to talk to a trusted adult. Although this important topic is always sensitive in nature, the program is presented in a kid-friendly and non-threatening way. Kids on the Block is licensed by the Department of Children’s Services.

Fourth Grade
Be a Hero (45 minutes)
“Be A Hero” is designed to identify and explain the various forms of bullying while introducing alternatives to violence in an entertaining and kid-friendly way. The program integrates best-practices around bullying prevention to reach the goals of challenging bystanders to advocate for their peers, encouraging targets of bullying to seek help from trusted adults, and increasing self-control. Students come to understand that a safe school climate is everyone’s responsibility.