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The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is an award-winning, evidence-based program of STARS that addresses social and emotional barriers for youth, such as substance abuse, violence and bullying. SAP assists students in achieving academic and social success by promoting healthy development, reducing barriers to learning and building upon strengths.

SAP counselors:

  • Provide school-based prevention, intervention and aftercare support services to staff, students and families
  • Assist students in achieving academic and social success by promoting healthy development
  • Reduce barriers to learning
  • Reduce risk factors
  • Build upon strengths
  • Promote protective factors
  • Increase asset development and foster resilience

SAP counselors are on-site in schools throughout the academic school year to provide:

  • Prevention education through assemblies and classroom
  • Early intervention for students exhibiting problem behaviors
  • Counseling to small groups and individuals
  • Promotion of health with faculty teams and student leaders
  • Links to additional appropriate services in the school and community, such as mental health and
    substance-abuse treatment services
  • Attention to students who are at a special risk for
    • Substance abuse
    • Teen pregnancy
    • Violence and bullying
    • Academic failure
    • School suspension
    • Dropping out

The Result?

  • Increased school attendance and grades
  • Increased attachment to school and community
  • Increased individual resilience
  • Reduced suspensions, expulsions, bullying, violence and substance abuse

Programming can be tailored to each school and community. Days and frequency of services vary. There are no fees associated with these services for students and families. Youth are referred to STARS by self, school administrators, teachers, peers, guardians and others.

STARS’ SAP serves Cheatham, Davidson, Dickson, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson and Wilson counties and provides consulting services across the country.

Cheatham (School/SAP Counselors)
Cheatham County Central High School, Matt Gress
Sycamore High School, Matt Gress

Davidson (School/SAP Counselors)
Antioch High School, Ginger Etheridge
Buena Vista Elementary School, Lori Dunlap
David Lipscomb Campus School, Amanda Moody
Dupont Hadley Middle School, Sarah Cody
Glencliff High School, Vanail Glimps
Gra-Mar Middle School, Noval Mayes
Haynes Middle Prep and McMurray Middle Prep, William Tucker
Hunters Lane High School, Chatiqua Vaughn
Inglewood Elementary School, Gabrielle Brown
Jere Baxter Middle School, Katie McMurray
Madison Middle School, Caleb McLean
Maplewood High School, Monika Pugh
Margaret Allen Middle, Sarah Cody
McKissack Middle School, Patrick Burks
McMurray Middle School Prep, William Tucker
Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School, Rico Page
Stratford Stem Lower Campus, Regina McNeil

Dickson (School/SAP Counselors)
Creekwood High School, Brandon Bass
Dickson County High School, Brandon Bass

Rutherford (School/SAP Counselors)
La Vergne High School, Teresa Fitzcharles
Oakland High School, Sue Moore
Oakland Middle School, Jeannie Carr-Connley
Riverdale High School, Jennifer Matikke

Sumner (School/SAP Counselors)
Beech High School, Alicia Georgiou
Gallatin High School, Pamela Heathman
Hendersonville High School, Debbie Sheets
Portland High School, Elana Newton
Station Camp High School, Lauren Wright
White House High School, Elana Newton

Williamson (School/SAP Counselors)
Brentwood High School, Julie Moran
Brentwood Middle School, Bailey Strand
Centennial High School, Melissa Bowles
Fairview High School, Amy Lazarov
Fairview Middle School, Kathy Huckaby
Franklin High School, Reginia Guess
Freedom Middle School, Melissa Bosel
Grassland Middle School, Candy Beatty
Heritage Middle School, Morgan Hobson
Hillsboro Middle School, Bailey Strand
Independence High School, Jenna Monforte
Middle College High School/Renaissance High, Hillary Walter
Page High School, Hillary Walter
Page Middle School, Megan Hodge
Ravenwood High School, Anna Stewart
Spring Station Middle School, Christiana Lafferty
Summit High School, Erika Thompson
Sunset Middle School, Lauren Herman
Williamson County Alternative Learning Center, Morgan Hobson
Woodland Middle School, Lauren Herman

Wilson (School/SAP Counselors)
Carroll Oakland Elementary School, Lauren Kelly
Lebanon High School, Lauren Kelly
M.A.P. Academy (Modified Academic Program), Aimee Twohig
Mt. Juliet High School, Aimee Twohig
Mt. Juliet Middle School, Margaret Schingle
Tuckers Crossroad School, Cindy McKinney
Watertown Middle School, Linda Degler
Watertown High School, Linda Degler
West Wilson Middle School, Heather Edwards
Wilson Central High School, Heather Edwards

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SAP has been recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP) as one of three evidence-based practices to address intervention services for youth ages 6 to 18.