Partners, Inc.

 Achieving academic excellence by supporting
the social and emotional well-being of school communities

Make Social Emotional Learning the Heart of Education

With a solid foundation of knowledge, skill and best practices in SEL, it IS possible to promote academic achievement. To learn more click

Conflict Resolutions

Violence and bullying have become social problems of epidemic proportions that especially affect young people. Partners Inc. believes that with practice, we can all become better and better at resolving and/or managing conflict.

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Community Building

Community Building from the classroom to the broader community around a school is an essential goal of Partners Inc. and leads to better academic and social-emotional skill development.

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The long-term systemic change that Partners Inc. offers is made possible by an expansive, inclusive practice of democracy where diverse views, people, and perspectives are solicited, welcomed and employed to help remove barriers to achievement for every student.

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Social/Emotional Learning

Recent research shows that when schools actively address a child’s emotional and social needs by teaching, modeling & integrating principles of constructive conflict resolution, and infusing social emotional skill building into the daily curricula and classroom management, achievement scores improve.

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Suggested Go-Rounds for Classroom Meetings

What our Partners Are Saying

Students are more caring with each other, their teachers, and themselves. They have better self-esteem and self-control. The teachers have also benefited from this program as well. There is a much more supportive and caring attitude among the faculty. We are more cooperative in our dealings with each other….

Lynne Wood, Media Specialist,
Stewartsboro Elementary School

[The Morning Meeting] gives the students a nice way to greet each other. Every child is included so no one feels left out. Morning Meetings are also a time that I can evaluate moods. It enables me to focus on each child individually each day. It also helps me focus…

Brenda Cobble Classroom Teacher, Stewartsboro Elementary School

The purpose of this endeavor was to create a school culture in which the faculty, staff, parents, and members of the Stewartsboro community would feel supported. . . . We have realized over the implementation period that those teachers who have elected to introduce the meetings into the culture of…

Gary Seymore Principal, Stewartsboro Elementary School

Although Partners Inc. has only been here at Dowdell Middle School for a short period of time, it has made a dramatic impact in the classrooms and lives of many students and teachers. The process of incorporating each step of the program over an extended period of time allows many…

Robert Lawson Principal, Dowdell Middle Magnet School

STARS welcomes and will serve individuals with both mental health and substance use disorders. We believe that every door is the right door to gain access to appropriate services in the integrated system of care.

STARS does not discriminate on the grounds of race, religion, creed, color, sex or national origin. No one shall be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any of STARS programs or activities. STARS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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