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Anne & Her Experience with STARS Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program


STARS Success Story

In 2012, Anne would soon be adopting a girl named Kerbbeh from Liberia who was deaf and living in a foster home. Anne did not have any previous experience with American Sign Language or Deaf Culture so she contacted STARS Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program to help her prepare for the arrival of her daughter. STARS staff worked with her vigorously for two months until she left for Liberia. By the time she left, she had learned basic sign language and enough skills to communicate with Kerbbeh.Anne’s Words

“[The] assistance and support has been a critical part of our family for over two years.  Laura prepared me to communicate with Kerbbeh from the start, which gave me and my daughter a foundation of trust that has only grown with Laura’s consistent coaching and teaching.  Laura provides so much more than ASL; her knowledge and experience are invaluable.  She is my go-to person for advice on all things Deaf culture.  She helps me navigate discussions about Kerbbeh’s care, illustrates how Kerbbeh’s brain processes information, and provides guidance on incorporating my hearing children into ASL conversation.  I could write volumes about all she has taught me but will sum it up with ‘she is literally a life saver!’ ”- Anne

Over the past two years, STARS has continued to work with Anne who is now fluent in ASL.  Anne has since returned to Liberia to adopt Kerbbeh’s younger sister, Hannah, and is using her experience to enable Hannah to communicate with Kerbbeh in ASL.

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