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Child Abuse Is NEVER A Child’s Fault – by Erin Daunic, Director of Development


April serves as National Child Abuse Prevention month.  I am proudly wearing my blue ribbon to recognize and support this awareness.  I am equally as proud to work alongside the staff of Kids On The Block, a program of STARS.  We offer a Child Abuse Prevention program for all students in the 3rd grade; it is one of our most heavily requested presentations and it is filled with hope, humor and courage.

In 2008-2009, after seeing our Child Abuse Prevention presentation, 31 courageous children were given the tools they needed to disclose they were being abused.  Thirty-one disclosures!  Each one of them received the support, help and healing they required.   Their families were provided the support, help and healing needed to move beyond the abuse.

Child abuse is such a heart-wrenching and seemingly insurmountable issue.  The puppets and puppeteers of Kids On The Block have taken something horrible and uncomfortable and created a space for children and adults to feel safe enough to actually talk about this issue.  We recently received a letter from a third-grader who saw our presentation:

                 I really liked the [show].  Thank you for coming to my school…If someone has hurt

you really bad and told you not to tell anyone you should tell a grown up

that you trust.  Child abuse is NEVER a kids fault.  Tell a grown up if someone

makes you feel mad or sad.

As a mother of two young children, I become paralyzed when I consider all the dangers in the world.  So much is outside my control.  And, I find tremendous comfort and encouragement knowing that my coworkers are out there working everyday to help children feel safe and empowered to stand up and just say “No!”


It is an honor for me to wear this blue ribbon.  Please support National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

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