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How Can Parents Address Name-Calling?

How Can Parents Address Name-Calling?

Two common questions we’re asked is how are we addressing name-calling and what can parents do to help?

Kids on the Block is addressing the problem of Name Calling with their “Teasing and Name Calling” presentation for kindergarten and first grade students. The students are shown a scenario where the puppet kids are struggling with teasing. As a result, the kids learn a few ways to respond if they ever find themselves being teased.

Most importantly, the students have the chance to interact and empathize with the puppets during the show. Afterwards, the students are encouraged to discuss the consequences and negative feelings caused by name calling. Ultimately, Kids on the Block challenges the students to seek out others and say nice encouraging things to spread positivity around the school.

Tips for Parents and Teachers:

  • Encourage your child to complete the Kids on the Block activity sheet.
  • Work together with your child to come up with new ways to respond to teasing and name calling.
  • Talk with your child about the consequences of teasing versus saying nice things to one another.


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