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Operation TLC – Lives Changed


Operation TLC was a tremendous success.  The two-week camp began in Nashville with over 20 students.  From touring the Belmont campus to our overnight camping trip to west Tennessee, these students came together and learned how to accept one another for their differences.   We traveled to New Orleans, LA, visited college campuses, facilitated community service projects in the 9th Ward, laughed with one another, cried and celebrated. 

After participating in the second annual Operation TLC, a young woman wrote this poem. 


Constantly in Search

We’ve all come together on this life-changing journey,

    This is just the beginning, us all starting out on a gourney.

Running to the ER or to the church,

    Looking for help, constantly in search.

We’ve only known each other for a short amount of time,

    But it’s the love and care that has begun to interwine.

We all have stories, we all have fears,

    Don’t let it hold you back, go on and let out the tears.

Hiding behind masks, faking a smile,

    Trying to hide the hurt that runs longer than a mile.

With everyone’s suggestions and everyone’s kind words,

    It’s only to help us fly free like newfound birds.

It’s funny how quickly this has all taken place,

   And it’s only week 1, ready for second base?

So be ready to stretch and be ready to grow,

    Cuz we are all in this together, from high to low.