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Success Stories @ STARS

One of our STARS counselors shared a truly incredible story about a young person who is on the path to recovery from sexual abuse and alcohol and drug addiction.

“I met this student her freshman year when I was speaking in a classroom about STARS.  Her presenting issues were a history of sexual abuse, alcohol/drug use in her family as well as her own abuse of pills and difficulty controlling anger.  She agreed to be in a STARS support group and through that experience decided to stop abusing drugs.  Although she had received some help when she was much younger for the sexual abuse, she saw that this was the root cause of her anger.

The group that she participated in gave her a safe place to express feelings and the support she needed to grow and heal. This remarkable young lady was alcohol/drug free for the rest of her high school experience; was successful academically; and was able to help her peers deal with similar issues.  In her senior year, she began giving back by speaking to younger students who were struggling with abuse issues.  She is a freshman this year at UTK and plans to major in nursing.”

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Great news! STARS offers education tools to help you, your organization, school, peers, and young children know how they can be advocates for bullying prevention, providing prevention, intervention and treatment services addressing bullying, substance abuse, violence, and social and emotional barriers to success.

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STARS Youth Overcoming Drug Abuse (YODA) program located in Nashville, TN provides compassionate care for adolescents and young adults with substance use and co-occurring disorders. YODA provides free treatment services to youth ages 13-18 who are uninsured or have insurance that will not pay for treatment.

Visit us at the Youth Opportunity Center 1704 Charlotte Ave Nashville, TN 37203 or visit our website 

For referral & intake call our confidential line: (615) 983-6809

National Helpline: 1-800-662-HELP (4357)