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Peace Slam Kicks Off STARS/Belmont University’s Partnership With Noble Peace Laureate


In a groundbreaking initiative, an international Nobel Peace Laureate will partner with STARS’s middle and high school students as well as students of Belmont University to address issues of peace, violence, social justice and oppression with a community service project ultimately benefiting the greater Nashville area community.

Under the Peace Jam movement, STARS has partnered with Belmont University to host Nashville’s very first kick-off rally on Tuesday, October 16 called a Peace Slam. Students will meet on Belmont University’s campus where the official announcement of the project Nobel Peace Laureate will take place at 9:45 a.m. This laureate will partner with students on this extraordinary project raising important awareness and understanding while putting into action a community service collective partnership.

Rodger Dinwiddie, STARS CEO, said the Peace Jam project represents an unusual STARS and Belmont partnership with an international leader.

“Imagine young people, many who have not visited Nashville or a college campus, having the opportunity to partner with a bright college student and tackle an important societal issue with someone who has earned the Noble Peace Prize,” Dinwiddie said. “We are so excited to leverage the resources of STARS and Belmont to make this joint project a reality impacting and inspiring so many young people.”

This is going to be an incredible journey so follow it via our blog and on Facebook.