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Red Ribbon Week at Hendersonville High School


Hendersonville High School hosted a Red Ribbon Week event on October 26.  With the entire student body assembled in the football stadium, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) landed a helicopter on the field and was greeted by a group of Students Taking A Right Stand (STARS) Peer Leaders and NOAHS Promise students who serve as role models for being alcohol/drug free. 



During Red Ribbon Week, a DEA helicopter landed in the football stadium of Hendersonville High School and was greeted by STARS peer leaders


The agents from the DEA spoke to the students about the origins of Red Ribbon Week and challenging our students to choose to be alcohol/drug free. 



A DEA spokesman explains Red Ribbon Week and challenges students to choose to be alcohol/drug free.








The entire Hendersonville High School student body gathered for the DEA program STARS helped coordinate for Red Ribbon Week.


STARS Specialist Debbie Sheets said, at the end of the program, Agent Jones asked our student body to stand if they were making a commitment to be alcohol/drug free.  

“While not every student stood up, it appeared that over 80% of our students did make that commitment.  HHS Principal, Joni Worsham, closed the program by saying that our faculty cares about their well-being, wants to see their smiling faces each and every day and wants to see them walk the line at graduation.  She acknowledged that one of the agents and one of the pilots were alumni of Hendersonville High School.  One of those alumni is the father of a STARS Peer Leader.  We got to watch as both helicopters turned sideways in unison and lifted out of our stadium.  Our faculty had nothing but high praise for the program with one teacher saying it was a definite “10”.  The student response was also overwhelmingly positive,” Sheets reported.

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