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Rock Random Acts of Kindness Week – #STARSRAK


Rock Random Acts of Kindness Week

Hey, you rock!

Monday, February 9th is the opening day of Random Acts of Kindness season! Established in 1995, the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, inspires people to practice kindness and to pass it on to others. They are dedicated to providing resources and tools to encourage acts of kindness worldwide.

This week is a great way for you to take a moment and step out of your normal routine (or comfort zone) and task yourself with doing a random act of kindness each day. Whether it’s smiling at a stranger when you make eye contact (smiling increases your own happiness as well as others!) or paying it forward with a cup of coffee to the person behind you in line at your local coffee shop you’re spreading kindness to someone else! There isn’t much to it!

STARS is spreading kindness through notes of kindness! We will be leaving sticky notes of encouragement, happiness, and love to our fellow co-workers and building companions for the week! We would love if you joined us! Use the hashtag #STARSRAK to join the fun!

We would love to see what you are doing for those around you during this celebratory week. Share your stories, photos, videos and ideas with us on our social media channels.