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Super Stuff for a Super Sunday – by Erin Daunic, Director of Development


Super.  When used as an adjective means first-rate, great or excellent.  Today, those of us tuned into Super Bowl XLIV (44) will witness super players playing in the most super game of the  National Football League’s season.   These first-rate, great and excellent players will match will with brawn and athleticism and most us of will be rooting for the underdog.  We all want to see a super competition.

It makes me wonder what goes into making someone or something super?  Is it learned?  Is it innate?  Is it nurtured?  My best guess is this a tender balance of all these.  So much goes into supporting something great, to nurturing super-ness to achieve its potential.

At STARS, we do just this.  We work to support all young people in their journey to achieve their own super-ness.  Colin Powell understood these components when he created America’s Promise Alliance, the nation’s largest alliance of public, private and nonprofit corporations committed to ensuring that children receive the fundamental resources they need to lead successful, healthy and productive lives. 

In 2009, our new home, the Youth Opportunity Center, was named the nation’s first PROMISE PLACE.  A promise place is a school, community center, place of worship, business or organization that provides young people with all Five Promises they need to transition into a healthy adulthood – caring adults; safe places; a healthy start; an effective education; and opportunities to help others.

Today, it feels very rewarding to know STARS helps young people achieve their own super-ness.