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Teaching Teens Safe Dating – A STARS Priority


One in three teen girls will be a victim of violence in a dating relationship, and even more teens experience emotional and verbal abuse from a boyfriend. STARS “Safe Date” program at Station Camp High School in Gallatin, Tennessee was highlighted this week by WRKN/Channel 2 reporter Erin Holt.

Holt said the story idea was generated from her news director who was at a local gym facility in Brentwood when he saw a teen boy confront a young girl. Holt interviewed Station Camp High School student, Haley, with STARS Specialist Kay Higgs about this serious problem.

“This story surprised me at the number of women and teens in an unhealthy relationship with hitting and beyond…this (STARS Safe Date) course is helpful for kids and knowing their (STARS Specialist) was there for that conversation was important. Ms. Higgs reaching out to these students makes a big difference,” Holt said.

Caption: WRKN reporter Erin Holt, pictured here with Station Camp High student, Haley, and STARS Specialist Kay Higgs, was impressed by the students in Higgs’s Safe Date class who were interested and excited about learning more.

Kay Higgs is one of the STARS specialists who teaches the 10 week course on Safe Dating to area high school students.  

“The course deals with attitudes and behaviors associated with dating abuse and violence.   The program is designed to raise student’s awareness of what constitutes healthy and abusive dating relationships.  It is also designed to make students aware of dating abuse and its causes and consequences and equip them with skills and resources to help themselves or friends in abusive dating relationships,” Higgs explained.


Key Points For Teen Dating Safety:

-If abuse occurs once in a relationship, it’s likely to occur again.

-Make sure when going on a date, someone always knows where you’re going.

-If you feel you are in danger get help immediately.

-Trust your instincts.

Contact your school’s STARS specialist or 615-279-0058 if you need assistance.