Eric Johnson

Director of Training

Eric Johnson is currently the Director of Training at STARS Nashville. In addition to his work as a trainer and speaker, Eric’s experience at STARS includes both direct student assistance work in schools and program management. His training work has taken him across the country, speaking to educators, mental health professionals, administrators, communities, parent groups and student leaders, giving him one of the best jobs one could have. Over the past few years, through the Safe and Supportive-Schools initiative, he helped develop materials for the Tennessee Youth Engagement Summits, traveling throughout the state, training students and educators to utilize youth voice to shift the culture and climate in their schools. He is a pretty awesome trainer for the STARS MOVE2STAND Leadership Training geared to help students recognize the harmful effects of bullying and harassment.

He has presented at National Conferences and Seminars on the “Rites of Passage” and Bullying Prevention Strategies. In 2005, he was a recipient of The Tennessean Top 40 under 40 Award honoring those whose commitment to community is an inspiration to others. In 2011, the highlight during this journey was being honored by his former high school as a hometown hero as one “Living Beyond the Dream.” He is married to his wife, Stephanie, and they have three beautiful daughters.

He strongly believes that, in order to teach young people, you first have to be able to connect to young people.