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The Nashville Predators ROCK…..Even more as PEOPLE than just hockey players!!


We have exciting news to share. As we continue our campaign against bullying, the Nashville Predators are joining us in partnership with a public service announcement campaign to highlight this distressing issue while offering STARS Specialists’ assistance. The Predators have a long tradition of community service. Recently, they have helped our STARS Specialists with a project for a fire devastated family raising money and clothes. In addition, Predators player J.P. Dumont donated a $1,000 Visa card for this family of eight which lost their fifteen year-old daughter. Although J.P. asked for no recognition, we are amazed by the generosity of spirit of J.P. and the entire Predators organization.  On December 29, we are scheduled to join the Predators around the ice for the PSA taping.  They share our passion for helping kids battle tough social issues like peer pressure, violence and substance abuse.  On the 29th, the Predators PSA will be taking on the issue of bullying and its devastating impact. We will be revealing this PSA during No Name Calling Week in January and the Predators are kicking it off for us by premiering the PSA at their home game against the Blackhawks on January 15. So come support them and STARS.  It takes a huge team to of volunteers to make a difference in the lives of teens.  Today, we salute our Nashville Predators! 



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