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What is the BEE A FRIEND Campaign?



In collaboration with STARS students, Lauren Jernigan and Laurella Campbell, and the Nashville Predators, we want to challenge you to help to promote kindness and compassion by being a friend to someone who needs it most. October is Bullying Prevention month, it is the perfect opportunity to encourage adults and young individuals to be leaders. The BEE A FRIEND campaign wants you to join us! Be a part of the change, help end bullying and reach out to someone who needs a friend!

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Importance of Being Kind & Compassionate

Being kind changes lives. It has the power to create happiness and make the world a better place. Also, being kind is highly addictive and spreads like wildfire. Just think about how having a stranger smile at you makes you feel. The simple act of having someone smile at you brightens up your day. So, say thank you; smile at strangers; and hold the door for someone in the office. Even if there isn’t anything physical to gain from it, you will feel better and so will the people around you. (PrettyAwesomeFitness Blog)

Beyond making the world a better place being kind and compassionate does some other awesome things too!

It feels good to be kind: There is just something about bringing a smile to other people’s faces. It is rewarding and it releases endorphins! (GLGC)

Kindness leads to compassion: When we search for opportunities to spread kindness often we find that we are more compassionate and tolerant. The more we practice empathy, the more our hearts open to others (GLGC).

Kindness brightens our world: Not only does being kind to others feel good to us but it makes other people feel good. The more people who experience kindness from us, the more happiness will be spread around. And when the people around us are happier, the world becomes a brighter, and happier place to live (GLGC).

Kindness helps people feel respected and not isolated: Reaching out and helping someone who is in need and being compassionate makes the person feel valued. Also, the giver feels better about themselves and more connected with the world around them (GLGC).

Kindness makes people want to be around us: People enjoy being around people who are kind towards them. It makes perfect sense, no one wants to be around someone who treats them unfavorably. Kindness is attractive, people seek it out (GLGC).

You lead by example: When you are kind to the people around you, kids, peers, coworkers, and the people you interact with will see your actions; they might just lead by example(GLGC).

Kindness breeds tolerance and understanding: You will not always agree with everyone you encounter. But respecting and treating someone with kindness will help people understand and empathize you (GLGC).


Bullying is a complex issue becoming more complex as more information is circulated. It is important to remember both accurate and erroneous information is provided to the public. STARS is a national leader in best practices for bullying prevention. It is crucial to the work being done globally around the issue of bullying that we provide accurate data and evidence-based strategies to address this difficult issue. The germination for the BEE A FRIEND Campaign found root February 2012 during STAR’s work with Nobel Peace Laureate, Shirin Ebadi and two Gra-Mar Middle School students conceived the idea of the BEE A FRIEND campaign, changing the world one friend at a time. The campaign officially launched in January of 2014 and several local public figures committed to the BEE A FRIEND campaign including our very own Colin Wilson of the Nashville Predators.

Who Else Has Joined Us?

Lelan Statom 

Pete Weber 

Julie Roberts 

Dawn Davenport & Neil Orne 

Aundrea Cline-Thomas

Kacy Hagerty 

Willy Daunic, Darren McFarland, and George Plaster

Want to join the team? Use the #BeeAFriend and share your stories, commitment, and how you are making a change!

Additional Resources

STARS is a national leader in the best practices for bullying prevention and is critical to the work being done around the world to help provide data and evidence-based strategies to address bullying globally. Check out our website!

What to know more about Bullying? Check out our most recent blog post here.

STARS is deeply committed to creating a culture and work space that centers on the power of relationships, that values diversity of perspective and experience, and that honors the dignity, worth, and contributions of all.