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Where Students Turn When They Are Hurting


I visited Station Camp High School this morning.  Kay Higgs, our STARS Specialist, has only been there for two months but so soon has become an integrated and beloved part of the fabric that makes this school so vibrant.  From Mr. Crook, the Principal, to art hanging on the walls, to the students interacting with one another in the hallways, it is clear that love and goodness are happening. 

On Monday, Kay was in her office only to look up and find a teacher standing her doorway.  There were tears in the teacher’s eyes as she handed Kay a journal entry from one of her students. 

I am happy that there is the STARS program at Station Camp High School.  It has  helped me get through my father’s suicide.  If Mrs. Higgs wasn’t there for me I honestly don’t know what I would have done.  It’s been hard for me but knowing that I can just let Mrs. Higgs know my problems I feel good.  I’m glad that she is here to help me through.  I couldn’t have made it through this alone.     ~ Michael B. 10th grade

What we do at STARS matters.  For Michael B. and for so many others.