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Young people using drugs on the rise. Youth Overcoming Drug Abuse can help!


An powerful story was featured in the Tennessean today.  With marijuana use among young people on the rise and over 23 million Americans ages 12 and older in need of some sort of treament for substance abuse, STARS is working in the solution.  In July of 2011, STARS became a licensed outpatient treatment facility working with young people between the ages of 13 and 23.  We work with uninsured families to provide them the support, encouragement and safe place they need to heal from the devasting effects  and crushing cycle of drug abuse.   Please contact STARS today for more information our treatment services.|head


STARS is deeply committed to creating a culture and work space that centers on the power of relationships, that values diversity of perspective and experience, and that honors the dignity, worth, and contributions of all.