Understanding the Student Athlete

And why they are so necessary to improve school climate. In 2008, my CEO came into my office and gave me a copy of the July7, 2008, Sports Illustrated article, Jocks Against Bullies, written by Selena Roberts. You can read the article here. It highlights the power and positive influence high school athletes can have […]

Are We Sharing Dr. King’s Dream With Our Youth?

            Martin Luther King Day has a very special meaning for me as an African-American adult working hard to live out Dr. King’s dream of making this a better world for our youth. But, I can’t help but reflect this MLK Day that he might be discouraged by the anger and violent tendencies of our […]

MOVE 2 STAND – Breaking Down Barriers, Restoring Relationships

We knew we were making a difference that day in Elkhart, IN during our MOVE 2 STAND training.  What we did not know was how deep and real and powerful this difference was until we received this letter.  This really says it all. Elkhart Central and Elkhart Memorial High School have been intense rivals for […]